Updates, Covers and Audio!??

As usual let’s start with the week’s updates:

Secrets and Skin has two new chapters out, you can find them here:

Chapter 15

Chapter 16

In case you missed it last week, there were also two short story updates:

Good Girl (previously published on The Purple Fig)

Fairy Story

I also have a twitter account now! If you want to stay up-to-date with all of my ongoing releases and news you can check it on the right —>
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Secrets and Skin (2)

Next: I’m getting some feedback that the current cover for Secrets is a bit racy, suggesting that it is in fact an erotic novel or heavily romantic… which if you’re reading it… you know is not at all the case. So I’m looking into updating it. If you have any suggestions for imagery please let me know – I’m struggling to find something appropriately urban-fantasy-ish  while still staying true to its tone.

Finally… it turns out I may have access to a recording studio. For a while now I’ve been playing with the idea of recording Secrets and Skin and basically releasing the audio chapters along with the written ones. Would anyone be interested in this? Obviously this would take some time and resources so I’d like to have an idea of interest before I begin.

Let me know what you think in the comments and maybe I can put together a sample audio chapter in a couple weeks!

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