53 Ganymede Update and Web Fic Guide

Hi everyone! First of all, 53 Ganymede is now listed on Web Fiction Guide! This makes it much easier for readers to find the series, but it also really helps if you check out the listing and give it a review. (You can do that HERE.) Let potential readers (and me!) know what you think … Continue reading 53 Ganymede Update and Web Fic Guide

Representation and Creativity

The narratives we surround ourselves with inform our world-view, self-view, an our perception of others. If I didn't believe narratives were important, powerful things, I wouldn't be writing. Stories change us. Books, comics, film, video games... they reinforce or challenge what we see in our daily lives. They have the power to normalize just as they have the … Continue reading Representation and Creativity

Emergency Rooms and All-nighters

So I'm almost finished a new blog post about representation and creativity. Plus I've been working on Prophecy and some other writing projects. Unfortunately my house has been devoured by chaos and writing is taking the backseat for the next week or so. Due to bathroom renovations, my space and my schedule has been a … Continue reading Emergency Rooms and All-nighters

53 Ganymede – Episode 4: “Le Chateau de Verre”

Newport is a sprawling city. Claire struggles to think of it as a single place but a bunch of dense nodes interconnected by a thriving nervous system. Though 53 Ganymede is not far from the crowded centre locals have dubbed “downtown,” she has already discovered a number of equally popular hubs that are nearly indistinguishable … Continue reading 53 Ganymede – Episode 4: “Le Chateau de Verre”

Where to Share Your Web Fiction

Being a writer poses a unique challenge -- getting people to read your work. That's not to say being a musician, a visual artist, or any other kind of creator doesn't entail its own obstacles (obviously recording a song or creating a film require a lot more teamwork and resources, for example), but in catching the attention … Continue reading Where to Share Your Web Fiction

Weekly Update – 28/11/2016

First piece of news: I bought my domain name. That means you can find me at amynotdorft.com with no wordpress at the end. Yay! Otherwise, I received an interesting update the other day about a project and because of that I've been really busy these past few days making promo stuff (hence the late post). Thank you for … Continue reading Weekly Update – 28/11/2016