Children’s Book and Chapter Updates


First of all Secrets and Skin: Chapter 13 came out last Friday and Chapter 14 is out now!

You can also read them on Wattpad.

There should be a couple short story additions over the course of the week. I’ll include links to them in next week’s blog post but in theory one should be up today and another Friday. (EDIT: Oh, look…. I got one up already. You can check out my previously published story, Good Girl now.)

Finally… drum roll please…


Over the past year or so I have been collaborating with my husband’s mother (an artist from Paris, Ontario… you can check out her Facebook page HERE) on a children’s Christmas book.

And voila!


The books will be sold at the Christmas in Paris art event (again Paris, Ontario) and I will post the details for that as it gets closer. They will also be available on Amazon and I will share those details as well.

Winter's Child 3.jpg

As you can see it features some absolutely stunning artwork and a whimsical story of the magical, but brief, life of a snowflake born on Christmas Eve.

So yes, very exciting stuff!

If anyone is curious about the self-publishing process (we used CreateSpace) and what we learned as complete newbies navigating it, I would be happy to dedicate a blog post to it. I am definitely not an expert, but I learned A LOT fumbling my way through it the first time.

Until next time, hope you are all enjoying the last few weeks of summer and good luck to those just beginning the school year!

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