Weekly Update – 21/10/2016

So what happened this week? A new story came out yesterday, and with it an entire new option up there on the menu bar. In my last post I described the Iyashikei genre, mentioning that my husband had challenged me to write something with similar qualities. While writing this story I realized that it would not be complete … Continue reading Weekly Update – 21/10/2016

Iyashikei and Worlds That Heal

Sometimes we need a break: Curling up under the covers and watching a movie when we're sick. Reading a book in the bath with a glass of wine after a long day at work. Listening to a podcast in the dark after an anxiety attack. Binge-watching a favourite show with a carton of ice cream and a … Continue reading Iyashikei and Worlds That Heal

Updates, Covers and Audio!??

As usual let's start with the week's updates: Secrets and Skin has two new chapters out, you can find them here: Chapter 15 Chapter 16 In case you missed it last week, there were also two short story updates: Good Girl (previously published on The Purple Fig) Fairy Story I also have a twitter account now! … Continue reading Updates, Covers and Audio!??

Children’s Book and Chapter Updates

News! First of all Secrets and Skin: Chapter 13 came out last Friday and Chapter 14 is out now! You can also read them on Wattpad. There should be a couple short story additions over the course of the week. I'll include links to them in next week's blog post but in theory one should be … Continue reading Children’s Book and Chapter Updates

Secrets and Skin Update – Chapter 12

Chapter 12 of Secrets and Skin is out today! For those who haven't read it yet, Secrets and Skin tells the story of Selene Kondo, a university drop out who finds herself caught in a supernatural conflict after a deadly attack at her friend's going away party. It's story about the implications of modern magic, but also of … Continue reading Secrets and Skin Update – Chapter 12