Summer Wear

It's that time of year again
to stash away the modesty
and go digging through the
neatly (ha!) folded t-shirts,
tank tops, and shorts.
One by one I extract them,
slide each sundress down the line,
but this year I cannot find 
that confidence I swear I had
last year, although I know
it must be here somewhere.
Ah! There it is, sidled next 
to that one-piece bathing suit.
Too bad it seems that neither fits
quite the way I remember.
Like stubborn children, my thighs
cling at the fabric, begging:
"Please don't let us go."
And though I promise: "You'll do fine,"
I cant help but second guess,
maybe, it'd be best if we just hide
here inside these jeans a little longer.


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