A Safe Distance

There is a space between you and me that measuresthe exact distancerequiredfor a wild animalto turn from deadlyto cute. It is the kind of distancethat plays tricks on the eye --blurring harsh edges,leaving only pointillistic impressionsthat tickle the most palatable of memories. It is the size ofscribblescoalescing into sense,kitchen knivesmistaken forwooden spoons. Ours is the … Continue reading A Safe Distance


I've forgottenwhat it's liketo just exist. To leave without taking anyonewith me.To abandon the photographs, and mental notes, and the scriptsof what I'll tell them allwhen I gethome. My stories are just that --mine. They don't cease to exist just because I didn't share them. And if they do,that's okay too. Maybethey alreadyaccomplishedwhat they needed … Continue reading Reminder.

Only —

It seems to methat there’s been some confusion in the news, in the mediain the comments sections,and around the family dinner table about where to aimthe blamefor our every disappointment,every perceived — and rarely felt —economic threat,every culturally-dictated fantasythat failed to come to fruition. It’s the immigrants, they say.The welfare collectors.The addicts.The poor. But I … Continue reading Only —