53 Ganymede Update and Web Fic Guide

Hi everyone!

First of all, 53 Ganymede is now listed on Web Fiction Guide! This makes it much easier for readers to find the series, but it also really helps if you check out the listing and give it a review. (You can do that HERE.) Let potential readers (and me!) know what you think and if you are really enjoying the series, don’t forget to share it with friends or family you think might also enjoy it.

In case you missed my update at the end of the last episode… I’ve been on a bit of hiatus while I welcome a new addition to my family. I was hoping to meet my scheduled deadline regardless… But thanks to raging pregnancy hormones I was basically a puddle for the last few weeks of my pregnancy. My mental health was a complete mess and my daily schedules evaporated along with my motivation and creativity.

Now that baby has arrived I’m short on sleep and time… But my will to function has at least returned and I am eager to get back to it.

Oddly enough, some of my most productive writing time was during the long periods when my daughter refused to sleep and I was spending most of the night sitting up with her, writing in the Gmail app of my phone. Thankfully this baby seems to be a bit of a better sleeper… So I just need to get in that habit again of sneaking in a few words on my phone whenever I have the opportunity.

Anyway, what it boils down to is I’m very eager to finish the next episode of Ganymede and, though it may be ambitious, I’d like to try to get back on track with my monthly release schedule. So keep your eyes peeled for a new episode Friday, April 20th.

Thank you to everyone who has been reading the series so far for being patient with me! And if you’re new to 53 Ganymede: Welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay.

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