Return to 53 Ganymede

I’ve spent the past couple of months on hiatus, mostly focusing on one of my larger works-in-progress, but I will be returning to 53 Ganymede soon!

The next couple of weeks will be devoted to doing some minor edits on the previous season and touching up the site organization before a brand new episode releases on Friday, November 17th. For now I’m reducing the release schedule to one episode a month; things are crazy over here (new baby on the way, renovations, etc.) and I’d rather produce quality content over quantity. I might be able to increase it back to every other week in the new year, but I’ll have to feel it out for now.

To those who have followed the series until now… thank you! I hope you enjoy the next season. I won’t give you any spoilers… but I can promise some more blue lights, brown paper packages, troublesome felines, new mysteries, and maybe even some answers too.

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