Weekly Update – 9/12/2016

Alright, so things are really busy over here (hence the scarce updates). Secrets is almost done and I found out not long ago that I’m doing a book launch this weekend for Winter’s Child. I’ve been busy preparing for a children’s story time for that event and doing last minute Secrets edits so I apologize if there hasn’t been much else going on lately.

Over the past two weeks I have released 6 chapters of Secrets (Chapter 37 – 42) and you can find links to all of the chapters by clicking on the below image:



Or find them on Wattpad.

I have also added a Contact page up there on the menu where you can drop me a line if you’d like. (Like to complain about this week’s cliffhanger for instance. Sorry.)

I apologize for the brief update and hopefully I’ll have some more posts and content once the holiday rush comes to a close. Thanks to everyone who has been reading so far, I’m so excited to be finishing up this story.



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