Weekly Update – 12/11/2016

Yep… so that date up there is a bit of a lie. Today is actually Sunday, November 13th but technically it’s an update for last week that should have come out yesterday and I’m a horrible person.

Alright, so this week has been a disaster – sick kid and personal health problems – so I am admittedly behind. Secrets and Skin is up to date though, so that’s something! You can find this week’s chapters here:


Or read it on Wattpad.


Or read it on Wattpad.

In case you didn’t notice, I did promise you a horror story this (aka last) week. I failed to meet that promise and I apologize. It is in the works and I’m kinda excited about it to be honest. In lieu of an actual story… I will tell you that it is based on a novel I wrote for Camp NaNoWriMo earlier this year and I am interested in turning it into more than just a one off. It’s very distinct from Host and I think it plays on a different type of fear. Which is to say… I really hope you guys like it. I swear to the elder gods that it will be out this week.

To make up for my tardiness I will tell you a secret. A secret about Secrets. That secret is this:

It is complete. I am still doing some edits but I can promise that it will be fully released by the new year. That means some bonus chapters will be coming out soon, so keep your eyes peeled for those.

Finally, I have the Amazon link for my collaboration with Paris artist Rita Guiducci: Winter’s Child. In case you missed it, Winter’s Child is a Christmas book aimed at children and adults alike. It is filled with stunning pastel and water colour illustrations.


If you missed the Christmas in Paris event this weekend, you can still pick up the book from Amazon HERE.

Alright, that’s all from me for now. If you have any questions or feedback about anything, please feel free to leave me a comment below!

3 thoughts on “Weekly Update – 12/11/2016

    • It’s actually been done pretty much from the time I started posting it, but I’ve been doing some major edits as I go. I just don’t think I ever revealed that lol. I’m not sure I could do a novel-type serial on the go… at least not with my daughter who is currently trying to click the mouse as I type. That’s also how I’ve been able to get so many side projects started in the mean time.

      Hope NaNo is going well! Kudos on getting up with TSATO while you’re doing it!!


      • That’s the smart way to go. I definitely regret trying to post TSATO as I’ve written it. I’ve been lucky to have a good editor to help me along the way but I can already think of a bunch of changes I want to make when I’m ready for rewrites.

        And thank you! ❤


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