53 Ganymede – S03 E08 PLUS AUDIO

Hey everyone! Episode 8 of the third season of 53 Ganymede is available now... AND I have some exciting news. I've been playing around with audio recordings and, for the first time ever, I've included an audio version with this month's episode. I'd love to hear people's feedback on the audio as I work to … Continue reading 53 Ganymede – S03 E08 PLUS AUDIO

Weekly Update – 21/10/2016

So what happened this week? A new story came out yesterday, and with it an entire new option up there on the menu bar. In my last post I described the Iyashikei genre, mentioning that my husband had challenged me to write something with similar qualities. While writing this story I realized that it would not be complete … Continue reading Weekly Update – 21/10/2016