Everyday Dragons

6:30 am

the bed sheets pin me to the mattress
conspiring with my anxieties to hold me back
beginnings daunt and overwhelm
but life awaits beyond this dark den

7:24 am

snared by my own reflection
less noble than Narcissus
for I still seek my self love
between blemishes and asymmetries

9:15 am

the mass of the city before me
a jagged silhouette devours the skyline
fear and awe mingle in its shadow
where I breathe in its stinking breath

11:25 am

fear of time motivates me
weighing every action by the time it takes
and how I could better use each moment
every decision is found wanting

2:56 pm

myriad injustices consume me
battles that I win and the ones I lose
wars I’m too afraid to wage
on ears voluntarily deaf

4:35 pm

mind and body pushed past limits
pain mingles with relief and hope
I summon heroes stronger than me
borrowing their will to convey me home

7:00 pm

I wrap myself in fiction
the fantastic and the strange envelop me
reflecting what no mirror could ever show
majesty and triumph even in the face of the beast

10:36 pm

I sleep well knowing these everyday dragons
haven’t conquered me yet

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