Black Lives Matter

Coming out of hiatus briefly because… however small my platform may be… I have the responsibility to use it for what is right.

Everything I have to say has already been said, but what I want to focus on in this moment is:


Don’t be silent — use your voice, your time, and your energy to speak up for equality and justice. Point out those racist moments — and not just the “obvious” ones, but the casual ones too. These are what build and create a society that tells Black persons: “this place is not for you.” This will not end until those aggressions — big and small — are dismantled along with outdated systems that sustain them.

But also, specifically for non-Black folks and especially white people like myself:

Sometimes SILENCE is the answer. In particular when a member of the Black community is talking: when they are sharing their experiences and telling you what they need. Unless you have been explicitly invited, it is not the time to talk about your own experiences as a non-Black person, or to demand information and resources, or to assume you hold better knowledge than they do about their own damn lives.

Instead just LISTEN. Do some research (there are a TON of resources being thrown around, I’ll link some below.) Introspect on what you can do better (because we can all do better) and be patient when someone corrects you. Read and share resources created by actual Black people. That doesn’t just mean about police violence and racism, either; whatever you’re into when the world isn’t on fire (video games, fantasy, cooking, music etc), I guarantee you there’s a whole community of talented Black creators out there for you to follow.

So quick recap:

Speak out against hate and racism. Listen when members of the community experiencing the actual oppression are talking. Prioritize their perspectives, and let them tell their own stories.

If you want to learn more about un-learning racism (I know I do), check out some of the links below:

Monique Melton @moemotivate –

So You Want To Talk About Race book by Ijeoma Oluo

NPR’s Code Switch podcast

If you’re looking for places to donate to help dismantle police violence or to aid in the protests happening in Minnesota, check out these links:

Campaign Zero

Reclaim the Block

Black Visions Collective

Minnesota Freedom Fund

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