53 Ganymede Season 3!!

53 Ganymede season 3 has officially begun! This season will be the final season in the series and will run the usual 12 episodes. For now I’m sticking with the one episode a month schedule (on the third Friday) but I will be sure to release an update if anything changes!

Speaking of updates — I apologize greatly for not having a blog post about the season finale of Season 2. Apparently when I post “pages” on WordPress — the way I format my episodes — it does not send out updates to my blog followers the way that it does when I make an actual “blog post.” It also doesn’t update the series’ Web Fiction Guide page. What this means is that, if you follow the blog or 53 Ganymede’s WFG page for story updates, you might not be notified of new installments. (If anyone knows a way around this that allows me to organize my writing neatly and have it notify my followers that would be great! I find posting episodes as blog posts a bit chaotic and messy.) For now I’m going to be more careful to release a blog post letting you know whenever there’s anything new being released! Also, I should probably be blogging more in general so I’ll work on that!

Anyway, thanks to everyone who has followed 53 Ganymede this far, and… without further ado… click below for Episode 1 of Season 3!

Episode 1 – Mourning

Hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think in the comments.

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