Emergency Rooms and All-nighters

So I’m almost finished a new blog post about representation and creativity. Plus I’ve been working on Prophecy and some other writing projects. Unfortunately my house has been devoured by chaos and writing is taking the backseat for the next week or so.

Due to bathroom renovations, my space and my schedule has been a little hectic, but still manageable. Then on Sunday afternoon I made some popcorn for my little girl, set it on the table across from where she was seated nicely on the couch. I turned around and suddenly she was on the floor screaming. Despite two hours of her protesting that she was actually fine and it didn’t hurt… in between bouts of quiet crying and being unable to use her left arm… I finally convinced her to let us finagle her into the car seat and go to the nearby children’s emergency room.

Sure enough… broken clavicle. Then come the sniffles. And the coughs. And now she can’t sleep at night because either she’s too stuffed up and coughing, or her shoulder hurts. So now no one is sleeping, the apartment is a shambles, and I have a drippy, cranky three-year-old who doesn’t understand the meaning of “slowing down.”

Once the cold dies down and she starts sleeping again I should be able to sneak some more writing time in and I’ll have some new content up in a week at the latest. Thanks to everyone who has been reading and checking in with the blog lately. I promise I’ll be back at it soon!

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