Hallowe’en Contest and What Next?

I have some exciting news today! In case you missed it, my short story Host was entered into a Hallowe’en Contest run by Wattpad’s Urban Fantasy Community. There were two awards to be won: The Reader’s Choice award (determined by votes) and the Ambassador’s Choice award (decided by the Wattpad Ambassadors heading the community). Thanks to everyone who voted, Host won the Reader’s Choice award! Now, this award was passed down the second place winner (Ghost Hotel by Amy Lance, which was fantastic by the way) because… Host also won the Ambassador’s Choice award!


I’m so excited and, to thank you all for your support, I’m going to do a little something extra for next week. I want your input, so let me know what you’d like me to do in the poll below. (I’ll run a poll on Twitter too and combine the results). If you choose “Other” make sure you let me know your idea in the comments below! If you have any other feedback (about my writing, the site, or whatever) please feel free to let me know! I’d love to hear from you. ❤


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