Weekly Update – 28/10/2016

This has been an exciting week for me! A month or two ago I submitted Secrets and Skin to Web Fiction Guide - "a community-run listing of online fiction." It was finally accepted on Monday and since then I have had a lot of new traffic. To all new readers - welcome! Thank you for checking out Secrets … Continue reading Weekly Update – 28/10/2016

Imagine This.

I want you to imagine something for me: Your skin feels numb. It's hardly noticeable at first -- the shower doesn't feel too hot, you don't need a sweater when everyone else does. Then it starts getting worse. You can't really feel anything. There is pressure and some distant recognition of touch, but no real sensation. Why? You … Continue reading Imagine This.

Weekly Update – 21/10/2016

So what happened this week? A new story came out yesterday, and with it an entire new option up there on the menu bar. In my last post I described the Iyashikei genre, mentioning that my husband had challenged me to write something with similar qualities. While writing this story I realized that it would not be complete … Continue reading Weekly Update – 21/10/2016