Sorry, I’m just a little excited… but yes! The new site is up and running. It’s still a bit of a work-in-progress but I have uploaded plenty of content for you to explore (see the above menu).

All of my  Wattpad content can now be found here, so those who felt uncomfortable making an account can access it via this site.

So what’s here?

First of all you can find my ongoing serialization of my urban fantasy novel Secrets and Skin. New chapters are released on Wednesdays and Fridays. You can find out more by clicking the picture below:

Secrets and Skin (2)

Other than that, there are a variety of short stories in the “Shorts” section:

A cautionary tale of one man’s bid for power.

An old woman’s desperate search through a dark and twisted wood.

A modern retelling of a fairy tale classic unlike any you’ve read before.

New shorts are typically released once a week, either on Wednesdays or Fridays though I try to squeeze them in whenever I can.

I will try to write the occasional blog post though I can’t commit to a strict schedule right now. For the next while they will be updates and release announcements.

For those reading this, thank you for checking out my work. If you’re a follower from the old blog, thanks for your constant support. As always, I appreciate any comments or feedback you care to give.

Hope you enjoy!



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