53 Ganymede S03 E11

The second last episode of 53 Ganymede is out now! (Audio will be out later this weekend once I do some troubleshooting with Audacity. Sorry it’s late — I’m still making a lot of mistakes and learning as I go, so I appreciate everyone’s patience.)

Only one more episode left and, because my schedule for December is pretty hectic, I’m actually going to be releasing it two weeks early. This means the final episode of 53 Ganymede will be available on Friday, December 6th.

I can’t believe we’re already at the end. I hope everyone has been enjoying the series so far — don’t forget to leave a comment or, even better, a review over at Web Fiction Guide.

You can find the latest episode by clicking the image below.

53 Ganymede – S03 E08 PLUS AUDIO

Hey everyone!

Episode 8 of the third season of 53 Ganymede is available now… AND I have some exciting news. I’ve been playing around with audio recordings and, for the first time ever, I’ve included an audio version with this month’s episode.

I’d love to hear people’s feedback on the audio as I work to record previous episodes (and all new episodes from now on).

Anyway… click the image below to find both versions of the latest episode. Thanks for reading!

53 Ganymede – S03 E07

Episode 7 of this season of 53 Ganymede is here a couple of days early this week! To be honest, my birthday is tomorrow and I just wanted to clear my schedule so that I can actually relax without formatting and posting hanging over my head. So early release it is!

We’re back after that mid-season finale with a short, low-key episode this time. I’m working hard on the rest of the season — it’s pretty much all mapped out now — and as much as I love writing Ganymede, I’m very excited for it to be finished. I’ve been envisioning the ending for a long time now, and I’m looking forward to actually getting it down on paper (or whatever the digital equivalent is). Not to mention I have a series of other projects I’d love to dedicate my full attention to.

Thank you to everyone who has been reading so far. I hope you’re enjoying the series. As always, don’t forget to like, share, or review on Web Fiction Guide.

Click below to find the episode!

53 Ganymede – S03 E06

Hi everyone! The mid-season finale of 53 Ganymede is out now — click the picture below to find it. This episode is a little longer and a little bit more *intense* than 53 Ganymede usually gets, but it ties up a lot of loose ends and I really hope everyone enjoys it.

Don’t forget to leave a comment to let me know what you think, or leave a review over on Web Fiction Guide. I’ll be back July 19th with episode 7. Thanks for reading!

53 Ganymede – S03 E05

The fifth episode of this season of 53 Ganymede is available now! (Click the image below to read.)

Next month we will be half way through the final season already! I have some big plans for episode 6 and I think you may find some of the answers that you’ve been looking for.

Don’t forget to review 53 Ganymede on Web Fiction Guide — reviews really help bring attention to the series — or share with your friends. You can also leave me a comment to let me know what you think!

To my fellow Canadians — have a great long weekend! To everyone else — have a great weekend, however long it may be. As always, thanks for reading!

53 Ganymede – Season 3, episode 2

Episode 2 of this season of 53 Ganymede is out now (click the above image to find it!)

This month’s episode was a bit of a challenge — sleepless nights with a teething baby, a cold, a bout of mastitis — but we made it. Let me know what you think in the comments and don’t forget to leave a review at Web Fiction Guide to help other people find the series. It means a lot!

The next episode will be released Friday, March 15th.