S03 E08 – Trigger Warning

*Minor spoilers ahead — intended for those who use trigger warnings and desire more information when deciding when and how to continue reading 53 Ganymede*

Last episode it was implied that River and his mother, Lana, may be victims of domestic abuse and this episode furthers this assumption, implying that River’s father is physically abusive.

Please know that 53 Ganymede (the story, as well as the place) is always intended to be a safe space for people to heal. As such, I always attempt to frame difficult subject matter — abuse, grief, prejudice — from a perspective of support and growth. We know that River is safe at Ganymede and Lana is confirmed as being away from their abuser.

It was a difficult decision to tackle topics like this in a light-hearted, escapist series, however my intention with Ganymede has never been to ignore uncomfortable subject matter so much as to give people a safe space to encounter it. I will probably write a whole blog post about what I think about writing responsible escapist fiction, but for now I just wanted to let everyone know that this content is there.

Please take care of yourself and approach the episode in a way that is safe and healthy for you.